The up-and-coming Social Media platform Webtalk, on top of being a superior and more feature-rich professional and personal contacts management system, might be a great money-making opportunity for you, dear reader. So whether you’re just into finding a better ‘Rollodex’-type of tool, a more advanced contacts management solution, or an affiliate commissions earner — you should read on:

They are pretty new to the game, and the first 1 million subscribers fulfilling some minimum requirements will qualify for 5x the planned-for commission payments, stacked to 5 levels, for an unlimited period of time.

What this means:

Webtalk is pretty much a mix of LinkedIn, Facebook, eBay, and Twitter etc, allowing people to post and discuss online, publish presentations, public profiles, advertising, and what have you. Webtalk will start selling ads like Facebook in a few weeks time. They also plan on integrating an eBay or Amazon Marketplace-style online market where professionals market their services or individuals sell their old video games, socks, or Lego bricks. Also, like LinkedIn, they offer “premium” and “ad-free” features. All these features and the advertising will be paid-for services which, in turn, they pay a commission on to the ones “bringing in the business” (namely premium subscribers, ad clients).

Like Facebook’s infamous EdgeRank algorithm, Webtalk will have their own, called SocialCPX. At the same time, SocialCPX is the portal for that marketplace and affiliate commissions processing and payments platform. The platform is still in Beta, SocialCPC is not even really live yet, and sign-up is by invitation only. I received one a few days ago from one of my connections on LinkedIn.

And here’s the bummer: relatively deep down in the TOU it says that — unlike on any other platform I am aware of — you will even be free to SELL your Webtalk/SocialCPC profile and “ground-level affiliate status” after 5 years — so I figured that’s a nice speculation in case everyone will be bending over backward by then just to get one of those long-gone 5-level commission accounts…

Here’s the invitation/sign-up link again, in case you're interested. Join now — and as long as the enhanced 5-level commission-earning opportunity exists!

I really have NO IDEA at all when it comes to whether or not a brand-new platform like Webtalk will take off or whether it will ever gain a large-enough market share to make this a worthwhile thing to pursue, but — as of this writing — user numbers have started exploding, Over the last month or so, they have continuously doubled and are now over a million — and counting. On top, it’s free (other than your time for setting your stuff up), and I’ll give it a shot. I’ve also shared this info on my Facebook profile back in October when this thing started to look interesting. Maybe it’s interesting for any of you guys.

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